Tempus Tour Group

As an important part of Tempus' Big Travel ecosystem strategy, Tempus Tour Group uses a differentiated and innovative business model, including ticket aggregation, finance and insurance, cross-border goods, Big Health and other resource advantages, to constantly enrich the tourism product range while also rapidly expanding overseas destinations and synergizing with other parts of the Tempus Group.

Tempus Tour Group: Tempus Tour Group makes up one of the six core businesses of the Tempus Group. Jointly established in August 2016 with 300 million registered capital by Tempus Global, Tempus Wutong Fund, and Joy Tour Group, the travel agency group has been approved to operate outbound tours for Chinese citizens by the National Tourism Administration. Tempus Tour Group is piloting flagship Tempus experience stores to promote all the products and services of the Tempus Group, to make full use of Tempus resource integration, tourism distribution platform, diversified financial platform, technology development capabilities and other advantages in each destination, to provide partners with integrated industry-leading comprehensive solutions. In early 2017, Tempus Tour Group acquired Jettour to improve coverage in northern China, establishing four major product centers - Shenzhen in South China, Beijing in North China, Shanghai as the center for East China, and Chengdu as the product center in the Southwest. Linking promotion in each market, the group is implementing a comprehensive strategy to develop the "Tempus Tour" consumer brand image to become a well-known tourism service brand in China.

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