Global Commodity Trading Platform

Tempus Fine Wine Trading Center is leading global trading platform for alcoholic beverages; it is approved and recognized as one of the import trading centers for imported commodities receiving focused support from Guangdong Province. The platform cooperates with France, Germany, Australia and dozens of other countries with more than 1,500 participating wineries, wine distributors and wine lovers who interact in “global sourcing, global trading.”

Haidaowang is a subsidiary company under Tempus Group and is one of the leading cross-border ecommerce brands in China. Haidaowang operated flagship stores in Shen Zhen, Xia Men, Cheng Du, Gui Yang, Kun Ming, and Fu Zhou, and continuously opening up in new locations, which has a perfect operating system that provides customers with high quality services on and off line. Haidaowang developed fast after its opening, and has been awarded with “ Top 30 GuangDong E-Commerce”, “Internet+ Competitive Credit Organization”, “Top 50 ShenZhen Chain Organizations” and “Top 100 ShenZhen Commerce Service Organization”. As a supplier, Tempus has connections with Customs, and related government agencies. Haidaowang’s goal is to provide customers with cheap price and high quality oversea products. Haidaowang’s business philosophy: “The world at your fingertips”.

Subordinate Company