Tempus Logistics Group
Through many years of innovation, Tempus Logistics has developed cross-border ecommerce, bonded finance, high-end commodity and factor trading platforms, modern logistics and other business formats to provide professional value chain services to our international partners and open a new era in global value chains.
Tempus Logistics Group: Tempus Logistics Group is one of the core components of Tempus. With years of commitment to business model innovation, supported by information platforms, integrated logistics, financial warehousing, IoT, Big Health and other areas of breakthrough contribution to the modern logistics value chain, Tempus Value Chain is aiming to become an industry leader with cooperation extending to M&A transactions to create value for customers and enhance core competitiveness. Tempus Holdings is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 06880.HK). Its OTO brand has more than 30 years of history of making products related to leisure, fitness, health care, diagnosis and other fields that are sold in over than 500 stores in several countries.

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