Tempus International Group

Focus on airline tickets, travel management, financial services, and tourism, with investment management as a force multiplier, to deepen the tourism industry and accelerate industry integration and trade. Tempus Global is rooted in China but going global with the "travel X internet X finance" strategy to develop a big tourism ecosystem.

Shenzhen Tempus International Business Services Co., Ltd. (Tempus Global) is part of the Tempus Group and the first listed business service company in China (stock code:300178.SZ). The company has been recognized as a "model business service enterprise" by the Ministry of Commerce, and a "model innovation and development enterprise in the modern service industry" by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Through local branches throughout the country as well as overseas, Tempus Global has established a global service network whose business covers tickets, hotels, travel management, financial services, and tourism. Tempus Global is implementing a "tourism × internet × finance" strategy, with "tickets as the entrance, tourism as the core, and finance as wings, and the Internet as a means" to reinforce the development of the tourism industry ecosystem.

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