Tempus Finance Group

With a sound governance structure, and international, professional management team, Tempus Finance relies on Tempus Group’s core competitiveness and solid foundation in the financial industry to continue to achieve new breakthroughs with new forms of financial services, to nurture growth and mutual prosperity.

Tempus Finance Group: As one of the six major industrial groups of Tempus, Tempus Finance Group is mainly engaged in providing investment and financing services up and down the value chain, both through traditional financing and online banking. Tempus Finance relies on the rich variety of application scenarios from Tempus' tourism, trade, logistics, and other businesses, as well as Tempus' strength in financial technologies such as third party payment, credit, electronic wallets, Big Data, block chain, and IoT. Specializing to enhance products and risk control, and altering Tempus’s industrial assets to financial ones Tempus Finance has financial licenses to carry out financial leasing, credit, insurance brokerage, factoring, guarantees and other types of financial business, and possesses financial products designed for full freedom with high quality, efficient, integrated financial services to all the participants in the value chains. In the future, Tempus Finance will become a benchmark enterprise in the industry, with strong profitability, low risk, diverse business and high technological content.

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