Tempus Investment Group

Tempus Investment Group actively encircles all of the Tempus value chain, focused on the modern service ecosystem and developing global industrial integration capacity. The group is entering the international capital markets through various domestic and foreign industry funds and other innovative forms of investment, continuing to optimize the global allocation of resources, and cultivating new international competitive advantages, to accelerate the international strategic development of Tempus to achieve expanded global business value.

Tempus Investment Group: Tempus Investment Group is one of the core components of Tempus, responsible for external investment and internal industry integration. Tempus Investment Group brings a global economic perspective at home and abroad, combined with a variety of capital operation modes in the domestic and foreign capital markets, focusing on the modern service ecosystem, especially within the fields of tourism, finance, trade, and logistics. At present, Tempus Investment Group has completed investments in the Joy Tour Group, Octopus Online Travel, Jettour, Qianhai Equity Trading Center, Xinmei Mutual Insurance, Qianhai Reinsurance, Guangdong Private Investment Limited, Shenzhen Logistics Industry Fund, and others, and is preparing a number of domestic and foreign investment projects. The group has also initiated the establishment of a number of funds, including industry funds such as the Tempus Hongtu Fund to achieve internal cooperation between all the sectors of Tempus and accelerate the international strategic expansion.

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