Investment Management Platform

Tempus Investment Group cooperates with different departments to gain advantages in the value chain, and has invested in “Qianhai Stock Trading Center, Front Sea Insurance, Xin Mei Mutual Insurance, Tempus FOF, Logistic Win-Win Fund, Tempus Phoenix Tree Fund, Tempus Overseas Merger Fund, and Cantonese People’s Fund.”

Tempus and buttonwood online travel industry investment fund, mainly centering on the strategic and developing direction of Tempus International (300178) , which focusing on online travel, Internet finance, investment opportunities of large data-related enterprises in the process of mergers and acquisitions , devoting to serving the listed companies for its merger and acquisitions as well as value creation. Furthermore, it will rationally use leveraged investment in mergers and acquisitions and overall arrange the company's tourism financial ecosystem related sub-sectors and other fields.

Jiont-Stock Company